Ben Kravitz Downloads

Gradient Wind

PDF document discussing the gradient wind equation from the perspective of nondimensionalization. The result is a highly intuitive understanding of the gradient wind equation.

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Lognormal Distributions

A discussion of the mathematics of lognormal distributions and some calculations that are relevant for atmospheric physics.

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Solid Angle

A lecture on solid angle from a remote sensing class I taught at Rutgers University.

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Snake Lemma

A complete proof of the snake lemma. This will only be relevant to you if you care about commutative algebra.

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Unit Circle

This is a nice looking unit circle, complete with the x and y values for some common angles.

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A lecture on limits for a first year calculus course I taught at Purdue University.

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A program for rolling arbitrary-sided dice.

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Area Weighting

This program allows you to generate area weighting for regularly spaced grids. This comes up a lot in dealing with climate model output.

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Radiative Equilibrium

This is a very simple model that can calculate the radiative equilibrium temperature at an arbitrary number of levels.

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Frost Point

This program can calculate the frost point at a given pressure for given mass mixing ratios of water OR can calculate the saturation mixing ratio over water and ice for a given pressure and temperature.

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This program calculates the daily average insolation received for any specified Milankovitch parameters.

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Lognormal Distribution

This program will calculate a lognormal distribution for a variety of potential inputs.

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Solar Zenith Angle

This program calculates the solar zenith angle as a function of hour, day, latitude, and (optional) Milankovitch parameters.

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